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Supporting the construction industry with value engineering, offering bespoke fabricated products in Aluminium, Stainless Steel & Mild Steel across the UK.

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    Quality Bespoke Aluminium Fabrication Services Driven By Your Specific Requirements

    Finish Architectural utilises high quality aluminium to fabricate products that elevate the appeal of your property. Our in-house fabrication service is driven by your needs to fulfil unique design goals for both residential and commercial buildings.

    Our team works closely with homeowners, building owners and architects, taking you through the design and fabrication process to ensure a feasible and high-quality product to finish your property.

    From facades and outdoor spaces, to indoor environments, our experience and expertise extends across all areas of your property to deliver bespoke aluminium fabrication services.

    Explore Our Range Of Aluminium Fabrication Services:

    Take a look at our aluminium range below, with each piece custom made in light of your requirements. If you can’t see the product you’re searching for, talk to Finish Architectural and discuss how we can bring your vision to life.


    • Aluminium Copings: Aluminium capping provides the finishing touch to parapet or boundary walls, ensuring a stylish and waterproof solution.
    • Aluminium Window Cills: Bespoke aluminium window cills to enhance window aesthetics while maintaining functionality.
    • Aluminium Pressings: Custom aluminium pressings undertaken on our state-of-the-art CNC machinery, designed to bring your architectural visions to fruition.
    • Aluminium Soffit Cladding: Soffit cladding designed with secret fixings for the prevention of water ingress and moisture build up; in this application, aluminium is non-corrosive and non-porous.
    • Aluminium Window Surrounds: Also known as window pods, our aluminium surrounds are protruding structures which frame the whole window for a striking appearance.
    • Aluminium Window Shims: Window shims are an accessory to aid window installation; our fire-rated aluminium window shims are non-combustible as per the latest guidelines.
    • Aluminium Column Casings: Light weight and aesthetic column casing to enhance the appearance of indoor and outdoor columns for your commercial or public building.
    • Aluminium Flashings: Aluminium flashings protect against water ingress and damage to roofs, walls, and windows.

    Why Aluminium?

    Finish Architectural works with a wide range of metals, however aluminium has several advantages which may make it preferable when designing your architectural product.

    Compared to other popular materials such as steel, aluminium is known for its light weight and malleability – making it easier to form during fabrication into a bespoke product.

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, aluminium is corrosion resistant and can further be enhanced with various finishing processes to achieve the final look and performance level desired. Finish Architectural offers finishes including powder coating in all RAL colours.

    If you’re uncertain as to the most feasible material for your product, our team can advise you.

    From Concept to Completion: Our Comprehensive Services

    Finish Architectural provides a comprehensive service for the provision of bespoke aluminium architectural products.

    Our involvement begins with a consultation, including a site visit if required, and is followed by design feasibility, where we ensure your product meets cost, time, functionality and design requirements.

    We further undertake a complete fabrication process, utilising high-end technology and automation for advanced practises – ensuring premium quality and fast turnarounds. Our fabrication processes include precision cutting, forming, welding, and assembly services to achieve your custom designs.

    Your Vision, Our Commitment

    Alongside our bespoke approach, we offer quality and versatility when producing a wide range of products.

    Our quality standards are upheld through fabrication practices and techniques; we can further offer upfront guarantees on certain finishes.

    The applications for our services are varied; we can fulfil all types of fabrication requirements for residential, commercial, and public buildings, taking on projects of all sizes. We can further provide fabrication as a subcontracted service.

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    Finsih Arc Canada Gardens Case Study

    Featured Case Study

    Canada Gardens

    Supporting the ongoing development of Canada Gardens, Wembley City in conjunction with Everglade Windows and John Sisk.

    Aluminium Copings

    Conceal parapet walls with a stylish and durable coping system. Finish Architectural’s aluminium coping is lightweight, flexible and provides an elegant capping to complete the parapet or boundary walls of your building. Our bespoke systems are not only there to fulfil your architectural visions, but are an important part of weatherproofing the structure, protecting against water ingress.
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    Aluminium Window Cills

    Watertight, weatherproof, and hard wearing. Finish Architectural’s bespoke aluminium window cills are made to measure, providing the perfect fit and performance level every time. With decades of experience under our belt and investments into the latest automation machinery, we can provide you with the right solution for all your finishing needs.
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    Bespoke Aluminium Pressings

    Bespoke architectural designs intended to draw the eye. Whether looking for a decorative piece or one more performance driven, the team at Finish Architectural have the ability to bring your vision to life with our aluminium pressings. We work directly with our clients during construction projects to provide them with custom aluminium pressings, however are happy to take on subcontract pressing work as well to fulfil your requirements.
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    Bespoke Steel Fabrication

    From structural steel to decorative applications, our fabrications find themselves in many everyday items. Finish Architectural takes on all types of projects for our bespoke steel fabrication, working from your drawings to create quality products for your building. Our applications are limitless - ranging from bracketry and fixing details to shower screens and office furniture. This is true for all types of sectors, including the commercial, public and private sector.
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    Metal Finishing

    Make certain your product is long-lasting and durable with the right finish. With our sizeable range of finishing options available, Finish Architectural can find the optimal finish for your product - no matter its application. We utilise applicators and suppliers which conform to industry standards for total peace of mind that your finished product will meet the quality expected.
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    Perforated Metal

    Decorative perforated metal for a range of applications. Finish Architectural’s perforated metal provides high quality infill material for balconies, facades, balustrades and more - offering a long-lasting material, suitable for external and internal use. Our perforated metal can be supplied for all building types, taking on projects of all sizes to provide you with a stylish finishing product.
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    Soffit Cladding Plank System

    A low maintenance, high quality solution to your soffit cladding. Seal external soffits for greater weatherproofing, durability and protection of your building. Finish Architectural’s soffit cladding is designed for optimal performance - starting with an effortless installation process aided by our secret fixings.
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    Window Pods/Alum Steel

    Pods which pop. Finish Architectural’s window pods provide your facade with unique and contemporary detailing - perfect for helping renovation and new build projects pop. Otherwise known as a window surround, these typically protruding structures frame your windows and are often chosen to provide a contrasting texture or colour to the facade, offering a dynamic and stylish finish to your build.
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    Window Shims/Alum or Steel

    As part of our bespoke fabrication service for the construction industry, Finish Architectural can provide custom window shims. Designed to aid the installation process of windows in renovation and new build constructions, shims are often left in place after installation, making it important you utilise the right shim for the application.
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    If you can draw it,
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    Supporting the construction industry with value engineering, offering bespoke fabricated products in Aluminium, Stainless Steel & Mild Steel across the UK.

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